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IDC Rack (Internet Data Center Rack)

Upward air supply rack
  • Upward air supply rack
  • Front door of upward air supply rack
  • Back door of upward air supply rack
Downward air supply rack
  • Downward air supply rack
  • Front door of downward air supply rack
  • Back door of downward air supply rack

The Hengchang IDC rack (Internet Data Center Rack) is a 19 inch standard housing for communication equipment. Inside the rack, servers, routers, UPS, plugs, panels, and other components can be configured to form a comprehensive cabinet. The IDC rack was designed to provide the ideal environment of convenience and airflow for the safe, normal operation of electronic communications products.

1. The 4 upright columns of the rack's frame are made from aluminum alloy profiles or bent formed sheet metal to ensure sufficient rigidity.

2. Other components are made from high quality cold rolled steel sheets. The thickness of the footstock and base is more than 3mm.

3. The thickness of the internal supports, including the 19 inch connection column and equipment support board, is more than 2mm.

4. The surface is treated with an electrostatic spraying process, ensuring a beautiful appearance and anticorrosion performance. The spray color can be customized according to customer request.

Specification (height × width × depth)
2200*600*1100 mm, support custom size according to your requirements.

Composition of the IDC rack
The rack is made up of a cabinet door, side plate, top cover, vertical cable trough or side cable lacing panel, a fixed shelf, air damper, power distribution unit, digital display galvanometer, and a fan.

Standard configuration of the IDC rack
1 footstock, 1 base; 4 main columns, 4 connection columns; 2 intermediate connection columns (equipped when the depth size is greater than or equal to 1000mm). The product is configured for flexibility, meeting the varying needs of customers.

Details of IDC Rack (Internet Data Center Rack)

1. Wide variety of current IDC racks: aluminum alloy IDC rack, stainless steel IDC rack, upward air supply IDC rack, downward air supply IDC rack. Custom products are also available.

2. The upward air supply rack features excellent permeability and high heat dissipation efficiency. The size of the front door ventilation mesh is Ф5, with permeability reaching 60%; the size of back door ventilation mesh is Ф5, and the permeability should reach 60%; the size of side plate ventilation mesh is 6x6mm, with permeability of 42%. The number and distribution of mesh fully meet the cooling requirements of most equipment suitable for the rack.

3. The air inlet channel of downward air supply rack is properly sealed to reduce loss of cooling air.

4. The bottom air intake of the downward air supply rack can be adjusted flexibly.

5. Cable management features for added convenience.

6. The rack is made of high strength steel or aluminum with excellent structural rigidity.
The load-bearing capacity of the rack is 800Kg, the standard equipment support board (shelve) is 50Kg, and the reinforced equipment support board (shelve) is up to 80Kg.

The seismic capability of the internet data center can be up to level 8, and it has the ability to resist strong storms and lightning strikes.

7. The rack can be disassembled quickly.
We independently designed the laminates that can be quickly installed and disassembled for customers to configure the rack as they see fit. When installing the support board, the user only needs to clip four pins of the board into the square holes of the connection column.

The self-designed airflow baffle can be quickly installed and disassembled, with 1U, 2U and many other specifications for users to select. When installing the airflow baffle, it only needs to be stuck into the corresponding square holes and then locked with the hasp lock.

8. Equipped with digital ammeter facilitates managers to observe and read the current value, and the precision is within ±2%.

Hengchang is a specialized fiber optic network equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the IDC rack, we are offering products like cable distribution cabinet, optical distribution frame, cable tray and wire management system, etc. We have extensive experience in making data communication and network equipment, always provide quality internet data center rack for global customers.

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