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Data Center Furniture for Control Room

The data center furniture for control room application designed by Hengchang is made up of two parts: the operation console and the TV wall. This setup was developed for TV control rooms, ships, airports, security booths, and other central monitoring rooms.

The TV wall can be equipped with different equipment for various purposes and allow for complete customization depending on your requirements.

Material: 1.5-2.0mm high quality cold rolled steel sheets are used in the construction of the columns and the main frame. The door plank and panel are made from 1.2mm high quality cold rolled steel sheet.

Surface spray: the surface is treated with an electrostatic spraying process to ensure that the appearance is beautiful and has sufficient anticorrosion performance. The spraying color can be customized according to the customer requirements.

Specification customization
The specifications and sizes can be customized upon request.

1. The design of data center furniture for control room follows ergonomic principles.
2. Streamlined shape and appearance.
3. The dimensions of each part are precisely calculated, all corners and edges feature a curved design to ensure safety by eliminating sharp edges.
4. Inside the console, all components are installed in accordance with IEC standards, suitable for fields like communication command, dispatching centers, security monitoring, radio and television, with strong versatility.
5. Each unit in the console is connected to each other, convenient for wiring.
6. The side plate, the console panel and other plates can be made of wood or steel materials.
7. Optional surface treatment: deoiling, phosphating, paint electrophoretic spraying, electrostatic powder spraying.

Hengchang is a leading data communication and network equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the data center control room, we are offering products like cable distribution cabinet, data center rack, optical distribution frame, etc. We have extensive experience in making network equipment, always provide quality data center products for global customers.

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